Care and feeding of your new carbon fiber slide

Cleaning is the number one priority to keep your slide in peak condition:

Use the supplied terry cloth sleeve over the fiberglass rod often. It will be a little hard to insert
the first time so stretch the terry cloth over the rod to make it easier.

This tool really helps with keeping moisture out of the slide. Moisture is the number one enemy
of a very fast slide.

Wipe down the inner slides with a rag or paper towel to get rid of any moisture.

Applying lubricant:

Apply a thin coat of the Yamaha lubricant all the way up and down the inner slide. No need for
any water bottle. The surface tension of the water only slows the slide down.

If you are on a gig and the slide starts to feel sluggish, apply a few drops of Yamaha lube on the
stockings and work in. It will feel more sluggish at first but after a few minutes after it thins out
you will feel a noticeable improvement.

Additional things to do:

Use Carnauba wax on the inner slides and also put a little in each tube of the outer slide and
work in with the terry cloth sleeve.

Be careful to only use pure Carnauba wax as many car waxes have other toxic chemicals as

After using your terry cloth sleeve for waxing you can wash it in the washing machine.