Carbon fiber trombones


Lemondrop, a .500 bore commercial/jazz horn modeled after Rosolino’s 6h

The Butler Lemondrop is modeled after Frank Rosolino’s Conn 6h.

A .500 bore instrument.
Total weight is 1.5 lbs.

The starting price is $3,050

JJ, a .508 bore commercial/jazz horn. A tribute to the great JJ Johnson

A .508 bore horn for those that prefer a little darker and bigger horn.

Total weight is 1.5 lbs.

The starting price is $3,050

Stay tuned for our newest design! Our bass trombone is in the design stage!


Key: Bb/F/Gb

.562 straight bore
Screw on two piece 9.5 inch carbon fiber bell for easy travel
Carbon fiber tuning, f and Gb slide
Carbon fiber outer hand slide
Carbon fiber comfort shaped hand grip
Removable bell
Instrument Innovations valve system: Double in-line independent rotor
Flat travel case that will fit in most airline overhead bins
Threaded interchangeable leadpipes

The starting price TBD

Butler trombone design

  • We start by using computer technology to 3D model our designs.
  • Precise aluminum molds are made using CNC computer aided cutting machines. This insures that all of our horns play as much alike as possible.
  • Our bells are made using pre-preg carbon fiber, the same material used for aerospace parts, to insure that the perfect amount of carbon fibers are blended with epoxy resin to create the best strength to weight structures that are acoustically close to perfect in shape and wall thickness.
  • All carbon fiber parts are hand laid up to insure all weaves are aligned for the best acoustical qualities.
  • All of our horns are hand built and tested by real trombone players before they are shipped to the customer.

Innovative features:

Saturn water key
Saturn water key

Saturn Water Keys are maintenance-free, cause much less turbulence in the air column and are accessible from every angle. Just press the “Saturn” ring towards the center “planet” from any direction. These are designed and built in England from Denis Wedgwood.

All carbon fiber outer slide

The outer slide is all carbon fiber including the crook and brace. This makes for an incredibly lightweight slide, unlike anything that has every been created. The outer slide weighs less than half of a Pbone slide. It’s just like playing “air” trombone!!

David Jackson
“Oh yeah buddy. Those are some beautiful trombones. Thanks Dave for getting it done so fast.”
Carl Poposki
“It’s a GREAT horn. Open, free blowing, resonant, slots very well.”


The hand brace

The hand brace is made of Nickel Silver and is designed like the Williams style hand brace with a curved tube and is very comfortable.  Almost all the weight of the horn is centered with the hand brace as both ends are extremely lightweight.

Modular bell section

The bell section is modular for ease of cleaning and the possibility of interchangeable bells. The gooseneck uses standard Bach style threaded connectors.

Interchangeable lead pipes

Our horn uses a threaded cork barrel. (one standard 6h style lead pipe is included). We have available as an option Edwards and Kanstul pipes.


Finish options

All of our horns are shipped with un-lacquered nickle silver parts. I have found that it is easy to polish when a shiny finish is desired and does not pit over time like a lacquered finish. We also now offer a brushed un-lacquered finish (naked brushed). Gold or Silver plating is an option for an additional cost. Some people have an allergic reaction to nickel silver and plating would be a must.


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