Michael Nelson and the Horn Heads with his Butler modified 16M.
“I’m really diggin’ my 16M w/Butler carbon fiber slide and bell flair. This show was it’s first trial run right after I got it. I think it’s going to be my go to funk horn.”

Douglas Yeo, bass trombone YAMAHA YBL-822 with carbon fiber bell, main tuning slide, hand slide by Butler Trombones
Sangmi Lim, piano
James M. David: “Southern Gothic” from Three Imaginary Landscapes Recorded at the South Texas Brass Symposium, Del Mar College March 2, 2019

Dave Butler playing the C10 .547 bore tenor

Here is a modification for a King 2B.
We built a CF bell and outer slide for this horn.

This video is of two scale excerpts. One is played using the Butler trombones carbon fiber trombone the other is played using a vintage Conn 6h from 1969. Which one is the carbon horn?
We had over 100 responses when we posted this on Facebook. The results were pretty much 50/50 meaning no one could decisively tell the difference. Just so you know the second scale is the carbon fiber horn!

This video shows how a carbon fiber bell made with prepreg material has a ring like brass. Prepreg is a type of carbon fiber that has the resin pre mixed with the material resulting in a very high carbon content.