Introducing our new carbon fiber and 3D printed adjustable cup/straight mute for tenor and bass trombone.

Here is our final prototype tenor trombone cup mute! It is made of a combination of carbon fiber and 3D printed nylon. This mute is infinitely adjustable via moving the cup and also moving the corks up or down with the velcro strips. It can also be used as a straight mute by removing the cup. It plays extremely open including in the low register. No more trying to find the low Gb!! You can’t dent it and the cup part is flexible 3D printed nylon and very durable. The best part is that it weighs only 100 grams. The classic stone lined mute weighs 150 grams and aluminum mutes are over 200 grams. The bass trombone mute prototype is now complete and plays increadable! The weight is 152 grams.  Half of what most bass trombone mutes weigh.

Less stress, better musicality!

This mute and it’s bass trombone cup/straight big brother will be available at the International Trombone Festival in Conway Arkansas this summer.  Come by our booth and check them out! 

After ITF they will be available on our new online store.

Tenor cup/straight $185.00

Bass cup/straight $225.00 

Our new Magic Slide Cleaning Wand! 

We use plush terry cloth to achieve a thorough cleaning of the inside of our carbon slides. This is a tight fit in smaller bore slides but really cleans the inside of the carbon tubes well.  We added a velcro flap for an easy grip and  adjustment of the sleeve tightness.  The inside of the sleeve has a fiberglass rod.  These will also be available at the International Trombone Festival this summer and on our online store after the show.  Price $25.  See you at ITF!