Order form for slides and cf modifications

    Custom carbon fiber slide and or bell order

    We currently offer custom outer slides for .491(2B dual bore),.500, .508, .500/.508 dual bore, .525, .525/.547 dual bore, .547, .547/.562 dual bore, .562, .562/.578 dual bore bass trombone. Contra bass slides are also available. TIS (tuning in slide) is in development.


    • Carbon fiber tenor trombone outer slides are $850 US.

    • Carbon fiber bass trombone outer slides are $900 US.

    • Carbon fiber Contra bass trombone outer slides are $1,100 US.

    • Complete hand slides with carbon outer for 4h, 6h, 100h and Edwards T302 are $1,750 US

    • Complete hand slides with carbon outer for Bach 50, Bach 42, Edwards T350 and Edwards bass trombones are $1,900.

    • Bass trombone CF bells (9.5") from flare to tuning slide are $1,250 (plus connection hardware and labor, $100 to $400 depending on complexity).

    • King 3B bell conversion using 3B brace (non convertible) is $1,000 US

    • Small bore tenor gooseneck CF wrap $150 US

    • Tenor CF bell (8.5" or 8")to the tuning slide is $1,250 US (plus connection hardware and labor).

    • Cut bell option (3D print CF or lightweight brass bell rings) is $250 for tenor $350 for bass US

    • CF bell flares. (9.5", 8.5" and 8" bells. customer supplies bell ring). $450 US

    These are some of our common conversions but we are game for anything! Let us know in the comment section what kind of project you are interested in.


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    Make and model of your horn

    If you don't see your make/model in this list please add to the comment section below.

    Small bore slides can choose between a single radius (King style) or dual radius (Conn, Bach style) slide crooks. Single radius crooks offer less resistance and a more open feel. Double radius crooks offer a more focused sound and more resistance.


    Slide measurements

    Please measure and add these to the text box below. Or select "I am sending my slide to you". If you send us your slide we will do any adjustments to the width of your inner slide at no charge.

    I am sending my slide to you


    Slide length from bottom of crook minus bumper to open end of slide

    Slide lock from latch position to open end of the slide

    Middle of slide brace to top of the open end of the slide

    Please take a picture of your slide lock position and email it with your name make and model of your horn:


    If your horn make and model is not available in the dropdown above add it in the comment section and we will let you know if we can build it. Please add any other comments or details about your project.

    Please note: These slides are built perfectly parallel between tubes, however every horn is slightly different in the width between tubes and most likely will require an adjustment of width between your inner slides. This normally is not a very expensive adjustment that can be made by your instrument repairman.

    If you decide to send us your slide to have us do the adjustment and measurements, we are not responsible for any damages in transit to our shop so. We suggest plenty of bubble wrap!!

    International customers should be aware that additional import taxes may be in addition to purchase and shipping price.
    It is strongly recommended to check on what these fees are before ordering.


    Shipping address:

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