Jay Friedman playing his Butler CF .562 bore outer slide painted brass color.


Keith Hillson from Schmitt Music reviewing our C10.


Great review of our JJ model from Schmitt Music.


Michael Nelson and the Horn Heads with his Butler modified 16M.
“I’m really diggin’ my 16M w/Butler carbon fiber slide and bell flair. This show was it’s first trial run right after I got it. I think it’s going to be my go to funk horn.”

Douglas Yeo, bass trombone YAMAHA YBL-822 with carbon fiber bell, main tuning slide, hand slide by Butler Trombones
Sangmi Lim, piano
James M. David: “Southern Gothic” from Three Imaginary Landscapes Recorded at the South Texas Brass Symposium, Del Mar College March 2, 2019

Dave Butler playing the C10 .547 bore tenor

Here is a modification for a King 2B.
We built a CF bell and outer slide for this horn.

This video is of two scale excerpts. One is played using the Butler trombones carbon fiber trombone the other is played using a vintage Conn 6h from 1969. Which one is the carbon horn?
We had over 100 responses when we posted this on Facebook. The results were pretty much 50/50 meaning no one could decisively tell the difference. Just so you know the second scale is the carbon fiber horn!

This video shows how a carbon fiber bell made with prepreg material has a ring like brass. Prepreg is a type of carbon fiber that has the resin pre mixed with the material resulting in a very high carbon content.