Trombone adjustable cup/straight mute

Trombone adjustable cup/straight mute

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Our adjustable cup/straight mutes are made of a combination of carbon fiber and 3D printed carbon fiber/nylon. This mute is infinitely adjustable via moving the cup and also moving the corks up or down with the velcro strips. It can also be used as a straight mute by removing the cup. It plays extremely open including in the low register. You can’t dent it and the cup part is flexible 3D printed carbon fiber/nylon and very durable. The best part is that it weighs only 120 grams (4.2 oz) for the tenor and 170 grams (5.9 oz) for the bass. Less than half the weight of aluminum mutes. Less stress, better musicality!

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 9 × 9 in

3 reviews for Trombone adjustable cup/straight mute

  1. Art Triggs

    Butler bass trombone cup mutes……From time to time, like others we become unhappy with the mutes we need to use, and end up experimenting with newer or different mutes – more so on my bass trombones than tenors – the big problem is our money register from D below F in the staff down into the pedal register- especially with cup mutes, up until now the best most even and in tune playing cup mute I own was a Ted Griffith mute I have owned since about 1973, the Trumcor mute is similar ( but not quit “there”)
    I’ve been through several Humes and Berg mutes I had to drill holes in all of them to get them to respond down low, a JoRal, which was sort of ok but too heavy, ditto with a Wick, and I had some hopes that a Trumcor would do it, but nope had to drill that one too, and none except my beat up old griffith had the sound I wanted or response and intonation……. My good friend Walter Barrett mentioned he bought a Carbon fiber/ 3d printed cup from David Butler/Butler trombones, that he was very happy with and that I might like , so I went and broke open my piggy bank and bought one ( Butlers instruments are beautifully crafted so a good mute should not be too difficult to fabricate ) well after using it a while it looks like I can finally retire my old Griffith mute and pack up the others in the flock, the Butler Trombones cup mute is everything it is represented to be, the others are good, and a bit less expensive but this mute is great, it plays evenly, and in tune where it counts, is light, and the corks are attached with velcro, so you can adjust the fit, and the cup while snug , can be adjusted as well. We pay a lot of money for a bass trombone that is good, 5,000 or more, 5-600 bucks for a decent case, 2-300 for a mouthpiece, so a little less than 200 bucks for an important often used mute shouldn’t make you flinch too much. It turned out to be one of the better investments in accessories I’ve made over the years.

  2. idywabs01

    Congrats on making a truly great cup mute. I’ve been using it at Chicago on Broadway. The show is in an acoustic space with lots of detailed mute passages and exposed solos. After playing my first few notes on it, my section mate at the show, Bruce Bonvissuto (who has one of the greatest cup sounds EVER), turns to me and says, “That sounds great!” I told him about the price point and his response was, “Yeah, but that’s a lot of mute for the money!”
    So, there it is. You can have THE sound or not have THE sound. These mutes perfectly split the difference between the “rich, dark, covered” cup timbre thing and the “airy, clear” cup timbre thing that projects, all while being fully adjustable and very durable.
    Kudos, Dave & Co.

  3. Leslie Bessant (verified owner)

    The cup mute is amazing! Great sound, great intonation, lots of voices thanks to the adjustable cup. Best of all, it’s so light I nearly forget it’s there!

    Thanks for this great mute. You’re changing the way we all think!

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